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The Way We Consume News, Music, TV, and Movies Has Changed

The way we consume news, music, tv, and movies has changed.

Thanks to advanced browsers, smartphones, and tablets, digital now reigns supreme in the media world. This shift is an exciting opportunity to drive new business models and bolster revenue. However, as attention spans decrease, slow content means visitors and ad dollars will go elsewhere.

The best media companies always know how their website and mobile applications are performing, and are always prepared for the best or worst case scenarios. They use actionable performance metrics to be sure that any visitor, from any location, has the best possible experience. Successful media companies rely on high capacity load testing to ensure their infrastructure can handle the premiere of a popular TV show, a celebrity tweet, or even the latest viral cat gif.

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Gulf News Case Study

By utilizing Apica’s partnership with Atex and the company’s expertise on the Polopoly platform, Apica has assisted Gulf News in implementing substantial web performance enhancements. was thoroughly load tested, allowing many bottlenecks to be identified and eliminated.

As a result, overall response times and maximum load capacity were significantly improved.

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