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Load Testing, Monitoring and Capacity Planning for E-Commerce Sites

Today’s digital consumer demands near-instantaneous web performance from any device, at any time.

Your customers won’t wait around patiently if your site crashes because you failed to test for a million unexpected users or peak holiday traffic; they will gladly take their business – and future business – elsewhere.
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Apica's Load Testing and Monitoring Services Help Online Retailers in a Variety of Ways.

  • Determine how quickly product pages are loading (down to the millisecond) and how response times affect conversion rates.
  • Run synthetic transactions within an actual web browser to gain a better understanding of how a web storefront would respond to an actual spike in web activity. Pinpoint the exact location of bottlenecks across the globe, including Asia-Pacific.
  • Stay strong during Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and other seasonal traffic spikes.

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