Apica’s powerful API Testing tools pinpoint any integration issues and give you a complete analysis of your API’s strengths and weaknesses

Comprehensive API Testing for both SOAP & REST Users

The increasing use of digital devices has created a world with a wide-range of operating systems and platform interfaces that rely on APIs to coexist. Server infrastructure needs to work harder than ever to keep up with demand. API tests and performance checks are now vital for any business that wants to remain up-to-date and secure while consistently providing a great end-user experience.

Apica’s API Testing tools identify and repair weak points in your API before your business is harmed by poor website or application performance.

Our powerful testing platform can simulate SOAP and REST API users, among others, to help you determine how many users you can serve before you see a dip in performance. The system also allows you to perform API tests over time and compare results, which leads to a much more effective and secure final product.

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Apica’s API Testing Features:

easy api testing
  • Test individual API endpoints with ease

  • Simulate SOAP and REST API users in the with Apica ZebraTester

  • Use Apica ZebraTester to generate test scripts. No programming required

  • Intuitive Reports

  • Better understand how and why an API fails

  • Dynamic Variable support

Supported API Platforms:

  • Json
  • SOAP
  • Etc

API Testing Best Practices

Intuitive. Proper API testing results should be simple to understand. That’s why Apica API testing results in intuitive reports that make sense.

Efficient. Look for API testing that will test individual endpoints and capture all API outputs during the testing timeframe.

Rigorous. API testing should test for unusual situations but more importantly it should test common-use scenarios and any problems that arise. If testing produces an error, this alerts you to a serious basic functionality problem.

Determine Limits. Any effective API test should push the limits of the API to demonstrate how it deals with large amounts of data and potential high-stress conditions. This helps you understand how and why an API fails.

Demonstrate Problem Handling. A well-structured API test will show when a problem does occur, whether the API crashes or handles it, as well as showing whether the API sends appropriate error messages.

Highlight Security Issues. Results should show you if the API connects with the intended application, and that all transactions are encrypted and secure.

Ease of Use. You should not have to be a high-level programmer to run an API test. The Apica ZebraTester simulates SOAP and REST API users. Plus, you can use it to generate test scripts. No programming required.

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Ready to See it First Hand?

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(310) 776-7540