Apica API Testing

How Many Users Can Your API Serve Before Response Times Start to Spike?

API Testing Doesn't Need to be Hard

API Testing can be a tedious and difficult process, and requires a different approach to testing than a website or application.

Apica makes the process easy, delivering a highly customizable solution for validating API integrity and reliability.

Test API performance using Apica’s powerful testing platform. Apica API Testing helps determine how many concurrent users your API can serve before a serious dip in overall performance. Perform tests over time and compare results in a pay-as-you go model. Easily pinpoint and repair the weakest points in your API before they affect website or application performance and frustrate end users.

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API Testing is Easier than Ever with Apica

easy api testing
  • Test individual API endpoints with ease

  • Simulate SOAP and REST API users in the testing portal

  • Use Selenium or Apica ZebraTester to generate test scripts. No programming required

  • Intuitive Reports

  • Better understand how and why an API fails

  • Help uphold SLA’s by ensuring response times stay within accepted levels.


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