Web Application Testing

Cloud-based Performance Testing for Websites and Web Applications

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Take Advantage of the Most Powerful Application Load Testing Platform Available

With Apica, running advanced testing on apps and websites gives you actionable data, and proven efficiency.

Test with the most powerful SaaS platform, tools, and expertise available anywhere. Perform load testing over time, and compare the results in a pay-as-you-go model. Create your own scripts, run and store scripts in the repository, compare results, and create reports through your personalized, user-friendly portal.

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Testing Your Applications in the Cloud

Control your performance

Stress tests reveal problems at the network level, in web-server configuration settings, application programming, and infrastructure architectures. Observing failure with pre-formed, repeatable scripts leads to critical insight into immediate and long-term needs. Web application tuning alone typically increases the number of users running on the same hardware by a factor of 50.

Powerful Scripts, No Programming

Easily create your testing scripts by “pre-surfing” typical user actions with Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer browsers. Manually record basic interactions, advanced AJAX calls, Windows pop-ups and XML/SOAP messages, or automatically record actions using an integrated web crawler. No programming is required for either option.

Cluster Loads for Ultimate Scale

Scale testing to nearly unlimited loads from various locations, different operating systems and generators interconnected to form “virtual clusters." Automatically distribute loads among participating systems while aggregating into a single report, including 200,000 or more concurrent users.

Web and Application Load Testing Features

  • Use AWS, Apica’s Cloud or your own network
  • Cluster for scaling to nearly unlimited loads
  • Monthly, pay-as-you-go, or project pricing
  • Comprehensive web standards support
  • False positive protection
  • Real time analysis
  • Granular test measurements
  • Detailed reporting
  • Slow network connection reporting
  • Test scheduling
  • Notifications
  • Partial test execution
  • Fully automated test generation
  • Custom plug-ins with full Java support