Cloud Application Testing

Expert professional services combined with Apica’s Premium Network provide objective measurement of cloud application performance from true user perspectives and geographic locations.

The Challenge

When testing cloud applications, validating and verifying cloud-specific functions such as redundancy and performance scalability is challenging. For many cloud providers, dynamic server instance-creation based on CPU load and failover to alternate availability zones comes standard. But is your application written to take full advantage of these features?

The solution

Apica Full Service Managed Project Experts guide you through the configuration jungle of load balancing, front-end cache and other web systems based on best practices from a long list cloud projects.

Apica Premium Network generates real user loads from outside your cloud provider for objective measurement of availability, latency, load balancing and true user experience. Load test servers in all major clouds and 50+ locations globally provide comprehensive coverage and results.

Managed Project Scope – Cloud Applications

  • Test your cloud application to the limit regardless of backend system configuration
  • Test the application’s cloud scalability
  • Determine how quickly the application scales and its performance per instance
  • Identify cloud configuration bottlenecks
  • Optimize scaling infrastructure, both application and backend
  • Validate cloud redundancy and failover; switch between datacenters; check fail over triggers and delays
  • Stress test maximum performance in the cloud
  • Determine the maximum number of simultaneous users
  • Monitor end-user response time to the cloud.