Test project for web
and mobile applications

Apica offers complete test projects in which we will help you secure the performance of your web and mobile application before launches or peak events.

Apicas' experienced test team will help you handle the entire process - from non-functional requirements, through test design and execution, to performance analysis and recommendations.

The project will give give you clear answers when it comes to your systems maximum capacity, and concrete recommendations for optimization. All gathered in a well-arranged written report.

Example of project package includes: Starting from 10,000-100.000 VU
  • 80 h with a dedicated Performance Engineer
  • 40 h with a dedicated Performance Test Lead
  • +6 months access to Apica LoadTest Portal 1,000 VU after projects end

Projects include

  • Wide range of support of web standards and authenticity methods
  • Automatic protection against false positives in measurement results
  • Detailed real time statistics and support for error analysis in real time
  • In-depth measurements
  • PDF reports and comparison of test results
  • Full support for test automation and scheduling of load test jobs
  • Cluster technology

Ready, set, test!

Fill in the form below and a project lead will contact you to schedule a shorter demo and project discussion.

Find out your load capacity

Apicas tools offers a complete platform for load and stress tests which helps you measure your performance. With Apica LoadTest you can find out how many visitors your website or application can handle without errors, and identify bottle necks.

Load test cloud

Via the portal you can choose several geographical test clusters in order to simulate visitors. Apicas load test has everything you need in order to create, test and analyze the capacity and performance of your web and mobile applications.

Test mobile applications

Apicas load test include application tests, response times for ingoing APIs and analysis of their call sequences in order to secure stability during load. Insight into backend and problems with transaction code via API agent instrumentation, integrated in Apica LoadTest Portal.


After a project the experts at Apica create a comprehensive report which will give you answers and guidelines for the follow points:
  1. How many users can your website handle when stressed?
  2. Information about limitations pending peak events, media events etc.
  3. Validation and optimization of a new CMS
  4. Optimization of cloud and hybrid configurations
  5. Proactively meeting weak points as a part of the project plan instead of costly reflection

This is included

A load test project with full service is designed to simulate real world operations. The objective is that your internal team will learn as much as possible from us. Testing agents will run your website from the outside, all over the globe, via the cloud and inside your own network as needed. The scale of the project usually include:
  • Definitions of the tests that are needed in order to meet certain business objectives
  • Creation of scripts which generate och control the websites maximum limit
  • Suggestions for future areas of improvement and tasks, re-testing when needed
  • Optional integration with an APM, for example Appdynamics, New Relic or Dynatrace
  • Education of internal teams for continuous future self service