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Apica Releases Continuous Integration Load Testing Plugin for Jenkins


Apica plugin for JenkinsPlugin offers developers a solution for automated load testing and performance review from inside Jenkins’ UI.


SANTA MONICA, CA. April 29, 2015 — Apica, a leading provider of Web Performance Monitoring and Load Testing tools, has announced the launch of its automated load test plugin for Jenkins, a continuous integration platform. Designed to be an easy-to-use and streamlined tool for developers, the LoadTest integration plugin allows a Jenkins user to run automated load tests from inside Jenkins when developing and deploying an application.

“The Apica LoadTest plugin for Jenkins is a one-stop solution for scheduling, running, and reviewing load tests without ever leaving the Jenkins dashboard” says Erik Torlen, VP R&D at Apica. “The plugin allows a dev team to easily track performance metrics over releases and pinpoint areas of concern early in development – all from inside the Jenkins platform. This streamlined approach can really help optimize internal efficiencies.”

Manage Continuous Deployment Load Testing from Jenkins to Pinpoint Performance Concerns Early in Development and Help Ease the Development Lifecycle

The Apica LoadTest plugin for Jenkins integrates continuous deployment testing directly into Jenkins, making it possible to run automatic load tests in the form of a build runner. The plugin initiates and monitors a load test from start to finish, after which it presents actionable results and statistics.

A user can start the build runner just as he or she would start any other runner in Jenkins. After a test is completed, metrics are displayed in both a summary format and a trends chart for better review of a series of tests.

This plugin eases efficiency when developing, testing and deploying applications, and helps a dev team pinpoint potential performance concerns early in the development lifecycle.

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 Screenshot: Initiate the Apica Loadtest plugin for Jenkins

Initiate Apica Loadtest plugin for Jenkins


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