Internal Web Performance Monitoring

Apica Internal Agent Monitors Performance Inside the Firewall

Internal Monitoring

Apica Provides the Tools to Monitor & Optimize Performance Inside your Firewall

Many business critical systems or system components are Intranet based, and only accessible from inside the Firewall. Problem is - they can have the same challenges as outside systems in terms of performance and application uptime.

Apica provides full coverage for monitoring both inside and outside the firewall. An Apica Internal Monitoring Agent will let you know exactly how and which of your application/server side components are putting a limit on your web and/or mobile performance.

Run Browser/Selenium scripts, convert Loadrunner scripts with ease, or interact directly with server/load balancer/application infrastructures.

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Key Benefits

  • Browser-based Selenium functional checks run from behind the firewall
  • Supports device monitoring using SNMP
  • Application and servers operating system monitoring including Web, database, firewalls, load balancers and more
  • Convert and run Loadrunner Local script
  • Integrated well with existing monitoring system

Key Features

  • Simplified deployment process
  • Alerting, trending and reporting data and interface can be ported to Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM)
  • Set application-specific thresholds to allow for predictive or manual root-cause analysis
  • Run SNMP and or local scripts

Monitoring Locations

Worldwide Website Monitoring Agents

Apica agents are hosted on Windows/Linux servers in different locations, all over the world, from where we can conduct real browser monitoring and network tests on client websites and applications. You can also have Inside Agents hosted inside your network for running local application monitoring and/or monitor services not exposed to the internet.

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Integrate Apica with AppDynamics

While most web application performance solutions require manual configuration and code changes to deploy, AppDynamics automatically instruments your code and maps your entire application architecture. Unlike most application performance tools, AppDynamics understands application performance in terms of business transactions, or user requests. By providing business transaction context for performance bottlenecks, AppDynamics enables you to understand application performance the way your end users experience it, and to prioritize issues based on their business impact.

Resolve issues quickly

Apica Synthetic Monitoring provides DevOps teams with comprehensive information for resolving performance concerns.

Alerts by SMS and Email

The portal sends alerts by SMS and email if your website or application degrades


PagerDuty Integration

Integrate your Apica Synthetic Monitoring account with PagerDuty to Schedule alerts


Error details

Resolve issues quickly, as they happen. Error page Screen Shots provide context


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