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The integration of Apica Synthetic Monitoring and AppDynamics (APM) delivers an all-encompassing performance monitoring solution.

Apica's synthetic monitoring platform allows an organization to monitor any sort of business transaction (user request) from real browsers all over the world, providing an accurate view into the end-user's experience. The AppDynamics APM integration makes it possible to correlate this view outside the application (from the end-user's perspective) with the view inside the application, all the way down to code level.

Together, these two views provide a comprehensive snapshot of performance for more effectively supporting business processes and protecting revenues and brands.

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Better Understand your App & Accelerate Troubleshooting

The dual-view integration dramatically speeds up the isolation of root cause in both production and pre-production environments.

View the correlation between AppDynamics End User Monitoring (EUM) data and Apica Synthetic Monitoring data inside the Monitoring Portal.

Easily drill down for the detailed information you need to resolve performance concerns quickly. Real browser snapshots allow you to see exactly what your end-user is experiencing as he or she engages on your site. Even analyze how code releases affect a production environment and your end users from a single dashboard.

Understand your End-Users

We all love how AppDynamics makes it simple to understand application performance in terms of business transactions, but do you have any idea how your end users actually experience your application, in real time?

Correlate external browser metrics for each transaction (actual response times, latency, etc) with internal application metrics, in the same dashboard. See exactly what your end-users experience, as they experience it.

The solution is offered as a SaaS or custom on-premise application.

The best part? We offer a 30-day full-featured free trial to test Apica Synthetic Monitoring, complete with AppDynamics APM integration.

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"We are providing organizations a completely transparent 24/7 solution to identify bottlenecks in the application and the browser. By viewing the individual synthetic browser transactions and correlating them with inside metrics, we are empowering IT teams to take exact measures to improve performance."

- Sven Hammar - CEO, Apica

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