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Apica's Global Synthetic Monitoring Network Provides Unmatched Visibility into Application and Website Performance

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Website Monitoring Software Should Do More than Just Let You Know When You're Down

  Web users today all demand a near instantaneous experience from any device, at any time. Loss of performance quickly becomes a lost lead, sale, or opportunity.

When your business and good name depend upon peak performance, you need a website monitoring service that can ensure downtime is never an option.

Apica provides up-to-the-second, real browser monitoring so you can see what your visitors experience, in real time - from almost any location around the world.

Our Monitoring Software Keeps You Ahead of the Game.

website monitoring

Apica's Website Monitoring Service Always Provides:

internet browser

Real Browsers

Easily execute performance monitoring of all application components across Chrome, Firefox and IE browsers. This includes style sheet rendering, image loading, and video streaming, as well as calls to social media, blogs, ads and other content sources.
user scenario analysis

User Scenario Analysis

Apica’s website monitoring offers advanced user scenario analysis. Use Selenium’s popular functional test for monitoring advanced user tasks, such as making a purchase, searching for a flight, logging on to a website, and more.

Easy Reporting

Produce performance and SLA reports for both technical and managerial staff. Reports can be sent out on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Create reports on the fly in the reporting dashboard.

Instant Alerts

Apica website monitoring identifies issues as they arise and sends real-time alerts via SMS and email before a performance degradation is noticed. Integrate with an internal monitoring system using Apica REST- API.

web performance monitoring

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*Monitor up to 5 websites or applications. Full access to Apica Synthetic Monitoring service. Support from Apica professionals. Integrations included. No credit card required.

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Key Synthetic Monitoring Features

  • Real browser testing
  • Selenium support with bulk check loading, management and easy editing
  • Error Page Screen Shots provide context
  • HTML5 GUI, dashboards, reports and alerts
  • API access to directly embed check results
  • Basic or advanced API testing
  • Drill down to web/app/database server vital signs data
  • Code-level drill-down using AppDynamics APM for isolating source code malfunction
  • Results correlated with monitoring and analytics service partner tools
  • Inside agent option for in-depth visibility

Stay Ahead of the Game

  • Establish consistent, objective metrics and benchmarks
  • Rationalize new feature requests in terms of performance risk and alternative approaches
  • Go beyond functional testing using battle-hardened production testing techniques
  • Resolve issues quickly, as they happen

Deploy with Confidence

  • Launch or upgrade web, mobile and cloud-based applications without stress
  • Ensure your end-users have the best possible experience on your site
  • Continuously improve customer experience as applications become richer, more real time, and increasingly reliant upon third-party services

Resolve issues quickly

Apica Synthetic Monitoring provides DevOps teams with comprehensive information for resolving performance concerns.

Alerts by SMS and Email

The portal sends alerts by SMS and email if your website or application degrades


PagerDuty Integration

Integrate your Apica Synthetic Monitoring account with PagerDuty to Schedule alerts


Error details

Resolve issues quickly, as they happen. Error page Screen Shots provide context

Monitoring Locations

Worldwide Website Monitoring Agents

Apica agents are hosted on Windows/Linux servers in different locations, all over the world, from where we can conduct real browser monitoring and network tests on client websites and applications. You can also have Inside Agents hosted inside your network for running local application monitoring and/or monitor services not exposed to the internet.

monitoring locations

apica api

Apica Synthetic Monitoring API

Next-generation monitoring for developers and partners

Apica Synthetic Monitoring API is a next-generation global monitoring network providing developers and Apica partners with highly scalable, customized, and granular website performance results using real web browsers.

By using a straightforward REST API, developers can easily incorporate performance details and related information into their existing environments. Built-in Selenium support provides advanced site navigation features and plugins extend monitoring capabilities to meet individual needs.


Apica Synthetic Monitoring provides integration support for leading APM, Cloud and analytics solutions. Integration provides correlation for faster troubleshooting, consolidated dashboard views and results reporting for improved dev-ops management decision-making.


Full API integration with AppDynamics APM software organizes web application activity into business transactions as the primary unit of performance monitoring and troubleshooting.
monitoring akamai


With full API Integration for CDN Traffic information from Akamai Luna Control, Apica Synthetic Monitoring provides insights into the need for content acceleration using its global monitoring agent network.
monitoring pagerduty


The integration enables Apica’s alerts to automatically trigger incidents within PagerDuty any time your website becomes unavailable.
monitoring analytics

Google Analytics

Integration with Google Analytics provides insight into correlation between actual traffic metrics and on-going performance monitoring checks.
monitoring splunk


Splunk modular input add-on for pulling Apica 'Synthetic Monitoring' checks into Splunk for ease of indexing and analysis. It creates a new, configurable, data input type for Splunk.
monitoring op5


Together with Op5, we have combined internal resource monitoring with customer perspective monitoring into one complete solution for IT professionals.


Apica products offer integrations with these prominent service providers Read more

monitoring selenium

Selenium Support

Selenium-automated test checks

Monitor from a real browser with Selenium script and measure booking flow, login function, etc. The Selenium scripts are uploaded in Apica Synthetic Monitoring and are directly accessible for easy administration.

Further, you can also use our website monitoring software to upload existing Selenium scripts and have them run in Apica Synthetic Monitoring as continuous checks.

“Working with Apica has proven to be an excellent choice for us. They have specific expert knowledge of our platform, they have completeness in the service offering which minimises potential undetected problem areas, and finally being a fast and agile company they can give us the attention we need when we need it.”

- Fadi Issa, Service delivery manager for corporate digital media.