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Apica customers get up-to-the-second performance monitoring from almost anywhere in the world. Our monitoring network is built on an industry-leading global backbone of over 200 testing locations in over 88 countries.

The Apica Difference:

real browser monitoring

Real Browser Monitoring

Use Selenium to monitor from Chrome, Firefox, or IE.

mobile support

Robust Mobile Support

Get actionable insights on mobile applications and mobile sites.

Completely Open API

Full API

Use our full-service API to display monitoring data any where you'd like.

Massive Global Network

Industry-leading Global Network

Monitor from 200+ locations around the world, including China and Asia-Pacific

Cloud Ready


Monitor cloud applications, environments and migrations. Partners include Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Rackspace, Right Scale, and many more.

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Apica's Website Monitoring Service Always Provides:

internet browser

Real Browsers

Easily execute performance monitoring of all application components across Chrome, Firefox and IE browsers. This includes style sheet rendering, image loading, and video streaming, as well as calls to social media, blogs, ads and other content sources.
user scenario analysis

User Scenario Analysis

Apica’s website monitoring offers advanced user scenario analysis. Use Selenium’s popular functional test for monitoring advanced user tasks, such as making a purchase, searching for a flight, logging on to a website, and more.

Easy Reporting

Produce performance and SLA reports for both technical and managerial staff. Reports can be sent out on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Create reports on the fly in the reporting dashboard.

Instant Alerts

Apica website monitoring identifies issues as they arise and sends real-time alerts via SMS and email before a performance degradation is noticed. Integrate with an internal monitoring system using Apica REST- API.