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SaaS Load Testing for Websites and Mobile Apps

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Test Your App or Website Load Times and Max Capacity Limits Today!

Test like a pro with the most powerful SaaS platform, tools and expertise available anywhere. Apica offers you professional-grade tools to perform load tests in a flexible, pay-as-you-go model.

All of our testing tools can be accessed from one convenient, affordable and easy-to-use portal. Whether you have a product launch on the horizon or are planning for seasonal traffic spikes, the SaaS-based LoadTest SaaS Portal allows you to effortlessly perform any number of self-diagnostic tests prior to anticipated peak load times.

Easily schedule regular website load tests over time, perform high-volume tests from a mix of many international locations, and compare your results in the powerful reporting dashboard.

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Validate the performance of your website or mobile app. Test up to 50 users absolutely free.

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Subscription Features

  • Reuse Full Service scripts and create new ones to continue testing as needed, up to 200,000 virtual users. Loads generated directly from 50+ locations throughout Apica’s Premium Network
  • Apica LoadTest Portal access 24×7
  • Rich GUI and reports
  • Hourly expert services for script development
  • Selenium and ZebraTester script or URL-only auto-generated scripts – just input the URL
  • Central test repository for development and operations teams
  • API access to directly embed check results.

Key Benefits

  • Most cost-effective range of load test solutions available
  • Know capacity limits for holiday sales, media spikes, announcements, and the unexpected
  • Optimize cloud and hybrid-cloud deployments by selectively scaling component services
  • Test complex user scenario sequences – pages, dynamic content, transactions, logins and more
  • Compare internal and external results to pinpoint web platform and application issues
  • Identify bottlenecks by subdividing results into the performance of individual components.

load test network

Industry-Leading Global Load Test Network

Test 30+ Gbps Bandwidth

Test 2,000,000+ Concurrent Users

Apica has performed some of the largest load tests ever recorded. We can test your site to its breaking point - guaranteed!

The Apica Testing network is built on 50+ co-locations around the world and utilizes both physical and hybrid cloud-based testing Clusters.

All test clusters come with first class IP connectivity and tested servers. Run high volume load tests with unparalleled accuracy and compare results between test runs in the reporting dashboard.

max capacityKnow your Site's Max Capacity

Apica LoadTest helps you determine how many users your site or app can handle without malfunction, and identifies weaknesses in your web and/or mobile platform.

accurate testingHighly Accurate Testing

An Apica website load test is designed to mimic your operational conditions as closely as possible. Our test clusters are deployed around the world in both Apica physical test centers and in the cloud.

mobile load capacityKnow Your Mobile Load Capacity

Apica provides a complete online load and stress testing platform for mobile applications. Test how mobile devices access and use the WS-API, as well as how backend scales and each individual device performs under load.

selenium ide

Apica Load Test Script Support

Using Selenium IDE, an open-source Firefox plugin, you can easily record, edit, and save your own scripts. Simply record a click sequence on the website in order to simulate real user behavior — such as making a purchase, booking a flight, or logging on to a website.

Easily play back and edit the sequence before saving it. Existing scripts can be uploaded and run as multiple users or load tests from the Apica LoadTest portal.

Data Integrations

Apica can help provide improved performance, faster troubleshooting, specialized website expertise, and smoother launches. Use AWS, Apica’s cloud, or your own network.

  • APM - AppDynamics, New Relic, AWS
  • Apica Windows Perfmon and Linux Machine Agents
  • CDN - Akamai, Edgecast, CloudFront
  • SNMP - BigIp, NetScaler, and Riverbed Stingray
data integrations
inside view

Get the Inside View

Apica LoadTest lets you access vital signs in your web, application, or database infrastructure by using Apica’s lightweight local monitoring agents, Amazon, or AppDynamics values via the portal. Supports both Windows and Linux platforms.

Apica provides full support for load testing different types of deployment configurations. Compare different setups through the use of our web GUI and ready-to-use agents.

Apica LoadTest Helps Resolves Issues Quickly, Before They Affect Your End Users

LoadTest provides DevOps with comprehensive information and strategic insight for Performance Optimization

Solid Platform

A powerful SaaS application for performing load tests — offers a rich GUI, 24/7 access, reporting dashboard, and API access to directly embed check results.

Fixed Price

Flexible pricing and expert professional service options provide the most cost-effective range of load test solutions available.

Script Support

Support for Selenium IDE and ZebraTester scripts. Hourly expert services available for script development.

Load Test Integrations

Apica products offer seamless integrations with services from these prominent providers. Read more