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Load Testing for Mobile Applications and Mobile Sites

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Powerful Mobile Application Testing

Test Mobile Apps and Sites with Ease. Available for iPhone, Android and other Devices

The rise of mobile commerce is here to stay, and in a very big way. Ensure your business remains competitive in the exploding mobile market with a robust mobile testing solution. Apica LoadTest provides a complete online load testing platform for mobile applications and websites.

This powerful testing solution delivers crucial insight into how mobile devices access and use the Web Service API, how backend scales under load, and how individual devices perform when stressed.

Discover backend and transaction code issues with Apica’s exclusive backend API/machine agent instrumentation, which is fully integrated into the Apica LoadTest SaaS portal.

Test Your App's Limits

test your limits

Think of load testing as the ultimate strength training program for your app.

When high traffic volume translates to greater potential business success, it's crucial that your app rise to the challenge.

mobile testing

Testing by Device

Easily mobile load testing by device-type (iPhone, Android, iPad, or Windows) using native testing that capture the exact response patterns for each device. High volume tests can be mixed and matched with the desired devices.

network testing

Test by Network

Test mobile applications under real-world conditions using networks around the world. Select 4G, 3G or custom speeds in the load testing portal GUI.

user scenario recording

User Scenario Recording

Full HTTP/HTTPS support means all you need to do is provide the application and user journey scenario; all specific device traffic is easily captured using the recording proxy. Complex scripts? Assign it all to Apica. We have the experience to handle any testing scenario.

powerful testing

Powerful Results

Leverage Apica’s extensive load testing experience in desktop and mobile markets to shave seconds off mobile response times and maximize profit margins. Apica mobile testing also supports native mobile applications, Smart TV applications, and gaming consoles like PS4, Xbox One, and Wii U.

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Validate the performance of your mobile app or mobile site. Test up to 50 users absolutely free for 6 months.

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Worldwide Mobile Load Testing Network

Test 30+ Gbps Bandwidth

Test 2,000,000+ Concurrent Users

Apica has performed some of the largest load tests ever recorded. We can test your mobile application to its breaking point - guaranteed!

The Apica mobile load testing network is built on 50+ co-locations around the world and utilizes both physical and hybrid cloud-based testing clusters.

All clusters come with first class IP connectivity and tested servers. Run high-capacity mobile load testing with accuracy and compare results between test runs.


Apica is proud to be partnered with a number of leading web service providers to help customers get the most out of their business Read more