Apica Full-Service Load Testing

Professional Service Solutions to Handle all your Testing Needs

full service load testing

Load Testing, at Your Service

Our full service team of load test experts can design, execute, and manage your project from start to finish.

When there's no room for error and you need a skilled team to help ensure uptime during a critical web launch, you can count on Apica.

We offer a full-service, turnkey load testing solution for any project size and scope. Our expert performance engineers manage the entire testing process, from planning to execution, and guarantee tests are performed effectively the first time.

Utilize Apica’s industry-leading experience to identify bottlenecks, reduce downtime & downtime-related costs, and launch new products stress-free.

Mobile Load Testing

Seamless App testing solutions that support all aspects of Mobility. Regardless of the device, iPhone, Android or Windows Phone, we can give a native recording and test of the performance.

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Web Testing

Minimize risk when launching web, mobile and cloud-based applications, and effectively plan for peak traffic spikes. using the most powerful load testing platform and expertise available.

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Cloud Applications

When testing cloud applications, validating and verifying cloud-specific functions such as redundancy and performance scalability is challenging.

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Today’s digital consumer demands near-instantaneous web performance from any device, at any time. Load Testing and Capacity Planning for E-Commerce Sites.

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In an era characterized by the explosion of data in countless forms, real-time traffic is growing rapidly. Validate streaming setups, ongoing performance and proper functionality by running a load test.

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API Testing

Apica API Testing helps determine how many concurrent users your API can serve before a serious dip in overall performance. Perform tests over time and compare results.

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Custom Reporting

Upon project completion, Apica's Professional Services team will deliver a complete report and provide customized guidance for the following questions and business challenges:
  1. How many users can a site can handle during stress?
  2. What are the capacity limits for holiday sales, media spikes, announcements, and the unexpected?
  3. How can we validate and optimize new CMS and application migration projects?
  4. How can we optimize cloud and hybrid-cloud deployments and configurations?
  5. How can we proactively address weak points and avoid costly errors/downtime?

What's Included

Full-Service test projects are designed to mimic operational conditions as closely as possible, and ultimately transition our knowledge to your internal team. Test agents run outside your site from locations throughout the world, in the cloud, or inside your network as needed. The scope of our engagement services typically includes:
  • Defining the tests necessary to meet specific business objectives
  • Script development
  • Generating and controlling web load
  • An unlimited number of tests during test week
  • Strategic recommendations to development and operations
  • Re-testing, as needed
  • Correlating with inside server/application values
  • Optionally integrating with APM, such as AppDynamics, New Relic, or Intrascope for inside transactions
  • Transitioning knowledge to internal teams for on-going self-service access


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