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Ensure Peak Application Performance in the Cloud

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Performance Strategy and Capacity Planning in the Cloud

Cloud computing and cloud performance are on the radar of many companies – many are in the planning and design stages, some are in the process of deploying private clouds, and still others are already utilizing cloud infrastructures. The promise of cloud scalability, flexibility and agility drive adoption, but also fuel concern for cloud performance, capacity planning, and specialized load testing.

As IT staff move applications and infrastructures to the cloud, many find that cloud infrastructure scalability does not automatically eliminate performance issues. Applications cannot always scale up, even when running on scalable cloud infrastructures. This becomes clear when apps that performed adequately in traditional environments “break” when subjected to higher loads and dynamic scalability in the cloud.

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Apica Cloud Performance Testing

Cloud performance testing must “test the limits” by ensuring that cloud infrastructure elasticity is matched with applications that scale well. Here are several reasons why load testing is important for cloud applications.

Test Failover Procedures

  • Testing during peak loads and in multi-tenancy environments.
  • “Work out the kinks” of failover procedures before they are really needed.

Determine Actual Capacity When Adding New Servers

  • Doubling server capacity does not necessarily mean the application can double the load
  • Capacity testing accurately determines user capacity limit.
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Testing Cloud Latency

  • Monitor end-user response time to the cloud
  • Test with geo-clusters from your user locations
  • Validate CDN setups.
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Planning Proactive Cloud Scaling

  • A capacity test provides the metrics to identify infrastructure limits
  • Allows cloud application managers to act proactively before performance is degraded.

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