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On-Demand Load Testing

Validate performance with Apica's high-volume website load testing services. Load test your cloud application, mobile app, website or API with up to 2 million concurrent users.


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Why Use an Automated Load Testing Service?

Load testing your website or app is more important than ever before. Users and search engines alike demand a near instantaneous experience on any device. Sluggish load times, bottlenecks, and full-blown website failures can happen unexpectedly and result in high bounce rates, lost revenue and seriously damaged reputations.

Expert Testing Solutions at your Fingertips

Apica offers a set of easy-to-use, flexible load testing services that reveal how your web properties behave under both normal and peak load conditions.

Minimize risk when launching web, mobile, and cloud-based applications, and effectively plan for peak traffic spikes using the most powerful load testing platform and expertise available.

Flexible Load Testing Solutions

Self Service - SaaS Model

Test like a pro with the most powerful SaaS platform, tools and expertise currently available. Perform high capacity load testing and compare results in a pay-as-you-go model using the Apica LoadTest Portal. Full API support and scheduling services provide an effective, streamlined platform for continuous testing.

  • Know your limits; validate performance
  • Scheduled tests/API support
  • Unlimited testing for a fixed price
  • Capacity-on-demand


Apica Full-Service is a turnkey, project-based approach to addressing app and website load testing and performance optimization project needs. Apica's performance team manages the entire test process from start to finish, ensuring execution is performed quickly and effectively the first time.

  • Apica-managed test process
  • Apica script team/test network
  • Test executions and full reports
  • Inside Server values and bottleneck analyses

Apica Proxysniffer: Powerful Load Testing Tool

Apica Proxysniffer is a powerful load testing and script management software tool available inside Apica's LoadTest Portal. Pinpoint exactly where and when poor performance starts using Proxysniffer's highly accurate load test capabilities. No programming required.

  • Powerful Testing tool
  • Advanced scripting
  • Unlimited testing for a fixed price
  • Cloud scalability

Mobile Testing - Supports iOS, Android and Windows Devices

Mobile performance testing is more important than ever before. Apica's load testing platform provides insight into mobile backend scalability and how individual mobile devices respond to heavy traffic conditions. Supports iOS, Android, and Windows devices.

  • Know your limits; validate performance
  • Test scenarios including native, web-based or hybrid applications
  • Optimize scaling infrastructure, application and backend

Customer Success

Know Your Limits

test your limits

Then Surpass Them

Think of load testing as the ultimate strength training program for your site. To achieve and maintain peak web performance, it is necessary to test infrastructure thoroughly, test often, and continually optimize.

When high traffic volume translates to greater potential business success, it's crucial that your site rise to the challenge.

cloud testingValidate your Site's Load Capacity

Apica LoadTest helps determine how many concurrent users a site can handle without malfunction and pinpoint the weakest points of a web and/or mobile platform.


load testTesting in the Cloud

An Apica website load test is designed to mimic your operational conditions as closely as possible. Our test clusters are deployed around the world in Apica data centers and in the cloud.


Know your Mobile Load Capacity

Apica provides a complete mobile load testing platform that provides insight into how mobile devices access and use the WS-API, backend scalability, and individual device performance.


load test network

Industry-Leading Global Load Test Network

Test 30+ Gbps Bandwidth

Test 2,000,000+ Concurrent Users

Apica has performed some of the largest load tests ever recorded. We can test your site to its breaking point - guaranteed!

The Apica Testing network is built on 50+ co-locations around the world and utilizes both physical and hybrid cloud-based testing Clusters.

All test clusters come with first class IP connectivity and tested servers. Run high volume load tests with unparalleled accuracy and compare results between test runs in the reporting dashboard.


  • Instant Run
  • Scheduled & Combined Testing
  • Advanced Variable Handling
  • Scenario Manager
  • Local & Team Setup
  • Bandwidth Throttling
  • Dynamic Reporting
  • User roles


  • Script via URL
  • Script via Selenium IDE
  • Script via Free Load Test Tool
  • Multi Browser Support
  • Proxy Recorder
  • Loadrunner Script Converter

Advanced Features

  • NTLM, Basic Auth, Kerberos
  • PKCS#11/PKCS#12 Client Cert
  • AJAX/WebServices
  • XML/JSON Data Viewer
  • Complete DNS Management
  • Network Packet Collector
  • API data/Execution
  • Google Protobuf Support
  • WebSocket (Coming soon)
  • Dynamic Plugin Support


  • Jenkins Plugin
  • Team City Plugin
  • AppDynamics Integration
  • DynaTrace Integration
  • Internal *Unix/Win
  • New Relic Integration
  • Monitoring Agent
  • JUnit Loadtest Scenarios

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Validate the performance of your website or mobile app. Test up to 50 users absolutely free.


Discover the true advantages of Apica services. Test like a pro with the most powerful SaaS platform, tools and expertise available anywhere. Load test and monitor cloud, mobile and enterprise applications.
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World Wide Network

Load test with more than 30 Gbps bandwidth and up to 2,000,000 simultaneous virtual users.
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24/7 support

Our support is top class with coverage 24h a day, 7 days a week.
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Solid platform

We have been around for 7 years and created one of the worlds largest and most stable web performance platforms.


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