Apica & Akamai

The Ultimate Performance Management Solution

Monitor Site Uptime, Latency, Traffic, and Content Delivery Metrics From One Place

The integration of Apica's synthetic performance monitoring platform with the Akamai Luna Control Center delivers an all-encompassing performance management solution.

Monitor site uptime, latency, traffic, and content delivery metrics from one place. Correlate data from Akamai with Apica's website monitoring data for far greater performance insight. Track Akamai metrics (Mbps and throughput, for example) with response times on your site inside the the Monitoring Portal.

By monitoring the relationship between response times and actual traffic pushed through Akamai over time, you can better understand your environment and more easily troubleshoot problems as they arise.


apica akamai integration

Correlate Metrics from the Akamai Luna Control Center with Apica Monitoring Data, Side by Side

Current Akamai customers can more effectively optimize CDN strategy by monitoring website uptime and latency in real-time alongside Akamai traffic.

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