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full service load testing

Load Testing, at Your Service

Our full service team of load test experts can design, execute, and manage your project from start to finish.

When there's no room for error and you need a skilled team to help ensure uptime during a critical web launch, you can count on Apica.

We offer a full-service, turnkey load testing solution for any project size and scope. Our expert performance engineers manage the entire testing process, from planning to execution, and guarantee tests are performed effectively the first time.

Utilize Apica’s industry-leading experience to identify bottlenecks, reduce downtime & downtime-related costs, and launch new products stress-free.


As project result, Apica test experts deliver a complete report that provides guidance to the following questions and business challenges:
  1. Determining how many users a site can handle during stress
  2. Knowing capacity limits for holiday sales, media spikes, announcements, and the unexpected
  3. Validating and optimizing new CMS and application migration projects
  4. Optimizing cloud and hybrid-cloud deployments and configurations
  5. Proactively addressing weak points as part of a plan instead of a costly crisis after the fact


Full Service test projects are designed to mimic operational conditions as closely as possible and ultimately transition our knowledge to your internal team. Test agents run outside your site from locations throughout the world, in the cloud, or inside your network as needed.
  • Define the tests to meet specific business objectives
  • Create scripts, generate and control the web load up to max load
  • Unlimited number of test during test week
  • Provide recommendations to development and operations, retest as needed
  • Correlate with inside server/application values
  • Optionally integrate with APM, such as AppDynamics, New Relic, Intrascope for inside transactions
  • Transition knowledge to internal teams for on-going self-service access.

Start Load Testing Today, Contact Apica for a Demo

Apica helps companies identify bottlenecks and troubleshoot potential problems using our highly-customizable load testing product. Customers can run their own self-service load tests on our SaaS platform, or have Apica's performance engineers customize and execute a plan for any project size.

The Apica Difference:

Unlimited Scale

— From one to over 2 million concurrent users

Robust Mobile Support

— Stress test your mobile application or website

Full Service or Self Service

— Let our performance engineers customize and manage your testing

Industry Leading Global Network

— 50+ data center locations in North & South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia

Cloud Ready

— Test your cloud. Partners include Amazon, Microsoft, Rackspace, Right Scale, and many more

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Our Clients

Apica has a wide range of customers from all around the world
Virgin America is an innovative airline company that continually sets the bar for exceptional travel experiences. A high performance website is crucial to their success.
The largest cinema operator in the Nordic region relies on top web performance and has one of the fastest growing mobile client bases for online transactions.
Activision is one of the largest e-gaming providers with popular titles such as Call of Duty, which has more than 20 million active users. Release quality and high capacity planning are critical to their success.
The largest Nordic Travel Operator, including brand names such as Ving and Tjareborg. Their high performing travel sites must be fast, even under peak loads.