Enterprise Load Test Full Service Package

Get an expert performance test team using leading tools and resources dedicated to accomplishing your most pressing business objectives: increase revenue, minimize risk, optimize systems, or just name it.

Our experts manage the project including non-functional requirements, test design and execution, performance analysis, and proposed recommendations.

Package include:
  • Load tests up to 100,000 virtual users (VUs)
  • Dedicated performance engineer(s)
  • Dedicated performance test lead
  • 6-month post-project subscription to the Apica LoadTest Portal with 10,000 VUs

Solution Features Include:

  • Comprehensive support for your web standards and authentication methods
  • Automatic false positive protection and results measurement
  • Detailed real-time statistics and error analysis support
  • In-depth performance measurement data and analysis
  • Powerful reports with test result comparisons
  • Conditional web page execution and GUI-level waiting loops
  • Load test automation and scheduling
  • Cluster technology available on-demand.

Our experts

Apica performance test experts allow clients to quickly implement projects or ramp best practice approaches to continuous testing. Whether new to testing or an expert, Apica clients access specialists with deep expertise executing load tests in high profile, mission critical settings. Apica assists leading global brands and has performed some of the largest load tests ever conducted. We bring extensive system design and error-resolution expertise to each engagement.

Ready, set, test!

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