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Improve the performance of your website with synthetic monitoring and high-capacity load testing.

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Apica helps companies identify bottlenecks and troubleshoot potential problems. Apica customers get up-to-the-second web and application performance monitoring from almost anywhere in the world. Additionally, customers can run their own self-service load tests on our SaaS platform, or have Apica’s performance engineers customize and execute a plan for any project size.

The Apica Difference:

Real User Monitoring

— Use Selenium to monitor from Chrome, Firefox, or IE

Robust Mobile Support

— Get actionable insights on mobile application or website

Full API

— Use our full-service API to display monitoring data any where you like

Industry-best Global Network

— Monitor from 170+ data center locations in North & South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia

Cloud Ready

— Monitor your cloud. Partners include Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Rackspace, Right Scale, and many more

Performance Monitoring

Apica’s comprehensive cloud based solution allows you to run customizable performance and health checks, and get meaningful real browser metrics, in your office or on any device. Custom monitoring scripts give you insight on application functionality, server performance, or eCommerce transactions. Always know when there is a problem with automated reports, email, and sms alerting. See through your visitors eyes by running checks with Chrome, Firefox, or IE.

Load Testing

Apica Load Testing allows you to test at your own pace with the most advanced and powerful cloud load testing platform. Whether you’re a startup focused on growth, or a Fortune 100 company focused on maximum reliability, our cloud based load testing platform let’s you identify bottlenecks and fix issues before they impact your customers.

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Apica is a web performance company that enables websites and applications of all sizes to achieve peak performance and reliability. Whether Fortune 100 or the next big startup, our best-in-class testing and monitoring platform allows companies to guarantee their products are always up and running fast.