Conquer eCommerce

Handle the Black Friday peak by utilizing the Conquer eCommerce package. The Apica team makes sure your system’s performance is at the absolute top when it is needed the most.

The Apica test team helps you manage the whole process from non-functional requirements, through test design and execution, to performance analysis and recommendations.

Project Package includes: 10,000 VU Portal Subscription
  • 80 hours of a dedicated Performance Engineer
  • 20 hours of a dedicated Performance Test Lead
  • +6 month post project access to the Apica LoadTest Portal 1,000 VU

Product Features Include

  • Wide-ranging support of web standards and authentication methods
  • Automatic protection from false positive measurement results
  • Detailed real-time statistics and support for real-time error analysis
  • In-depth measurements
  • PDF reports and test result comparisons
  • Support for conditional execution of web pages and support for waiting loops at GUI level
  • Full support for test automation and scheduling of load test jobs
  • Cluster technology

Apica Test Experts

The Apica Team addresses every possible need, from special projects to major continuous performance improvement initiatives. We use our years of performance testing expertise to help our clients set up, run, and learn from performance tests. Apica has assisted top global brands and performed some of the largest load tests ever conducted. We bring extensive system design and error-resolution expertise to each engagement.

Ready, set, test!

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