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The Rise of Microservices

Microservice architecture is an emerging programming solution that major companies like Netflix, Twitter, PayPal, and Amazon are already using to improve their services. Microservices are independent processes within a larger application that communicate with each other to perform a larger overarching task. This alternative programming philosophy focuses on getting things to work correctly quickly instead […] Continue reading

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Making the Most of Code Review

Our best advice on getting the most out of your development team’s code review process? Don’t bite off more than you can chew. Putting in too much work with unnecessarily heavy code review is a waste not only of the development team’s time, but also your business’s payroll. On the other hand, too little code […] Continue reading

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5 Ways to Speed Up Your eCommerce Site

A fast-loading, reliable website is essential for a successful eCommerce website. Even if your company’s site is running smoothly, any ground lost in performance can cost business. It’s widely cited that pages need to load in two seconds or less to avoid losing visitors. According to an Aberdeen Group study, a single second of page […] Continue reading

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The Future of Computing (and Website) Speed

    In 2014, the speed at which a website renders is a huge deal. Web speed can have a direct and profound effect on sales revenue and brand reputation. It is fascinating (and somewhat daunting!) to consider how fast online browsing and processor speeds will become in the next 50 years, and the effect […] Continue reading

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5 Critical Components of High Performance Web Sites

Web performance is a critical factor in converting prospective customers into paying customers. In fact, if your site or application doesn’t perform well, it will not only fail to entice new users, but quickly drive those you do have far, far away. When load times are slow and unsteady, users will quickly move on to […] Continue reading

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