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Web Pages, Then and Now: How Have Sites Changed in the Last 5 Years?

Web pages built to capitalize on the technology and traffic trends from five years ago are structurally and fundamentally unequipped to operate on the modern web. The exploding mobile adoption rate, particularly of smartphones, has dramatically changed how web pages are built and operate. The introduction and proliferation of tablet devices and Wi-Fi networks have […] Continue reading

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Making the Most of Code Review

Our best advice on getting the most out of your development team’s code review process? Don’t bite off more than you can chew. Putting in too much work with unnecessarily heavy code review is a waste not only of the development team’s time, but also your business’s payroll. On the other hand, too little code […] Continue reading

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3 web performance mistakes and how to avoid them

Could you imagine NASA sending a rocket into space without testing it first? What about a racing team putting a brand new car on the track without taking it for a few laps to test the handling and stability? It seems to me that testing is inherent in every technical field — except for website […] Continue reading

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A narrow glimpse of Sitecore Symposium Europe 2012

For the past few days, the Apica team has been in Amsterdam attending the 2012 Sitecore Symposium. On Wednesday, I delivered a session about best practices for performance tests within CMS installations. The idea was to help attendees identify weak spots and performance issues in their web architecture before going live so as to avoid […] Continue reading

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Go! Sweden Go!

The World Wide Web Foundation has released the results of its first-ever Web Index that lists Internet usage of 61 countries. The Web Index is the first to compare Internet usage, access, and impact across 61 countries throughout the world. According to the report,  Sweden is the best country in the world at optimizing the web. The United […] Continue reading

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