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Moving to the Cloud: Know Before you Go

Going through all of the trouble to move an application to the Cloud, only to find it running slower or not at all, can put your business in a rough spot. While moving applications from a data center to the Cloud offers incredible potential for both performance and budgeting, it should not be treated as a magical wand that […] Continue reading

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3 Ways to Avoid Downtime: What We Learned From Amazon’s Outage

Amazon’s outage (S3 web-based storage) in Northern Virginia caused large-scale disruption for many companies – not to mention the financial consequences of dreaded downtime. There are several important lessons businesses should take from this unprecedented failure, the key takeaway being that preparation is paramount. If Amazon’s cloud can go down, then any site is at […] Continue reading

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Top 6 Challenges of API Testing

API TESTING SERIES Testing teams face several unique challenges when testing Application Programming Interface (API) implementations. API testing is part of the integrations testing process and concerns the communication between two systems–one of which your staff likely has no control over. Thorough testing practices help QA and development teams not only create code that works, but create […] Continue reading

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Testing in the Cloud

The world is moving to the cloud and it’s making sense for growing ecommerce sites to move off of their hardware and into the virtual space.  The cloud makes it possible to increase your infrastructure on demand, even automatically, to keep up with the demands put on your website.  Virtual space may be a breakthrough […] Continue reading

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Synthetic Monitoring vs. Real User Monitoring (RUM) – How Should You Monitor?

If you’re feeling confused about Synthetic Monitoring, Real User Monitoring (known as RUM), and the whole performance monitoring space in general, don’t fret! You’re not alone. Performance monitoring of web applications is a challenging but critical task. Monitoring, on the whole, is an ongoing process and judged from the end-user’s perspective. Its purpose is ultimately […] Continue reading

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