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The Best of AWS 2016

We hope you’re gearing up for the Amazon Web Services (AWS 2016) Summit in Santa Clara from July 12-13th. Attending as a Bronze sponsor this year, Apica is looking forward to meeting you and your team. We are also looking forward to some of the activities and speaker sessions happening this year. Here is what […] Continue reading

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New Amazon Web Services data center in Sydney added to Apica Agent Network

Earlier this week, Amazon added a brand new Amazon Web Services (AWS) Region to its Global Infrastructure. The Asia Pacific (Sydney) Region, as it is being called, offers important benefits to organizations operating in this area. Companies can run their cloud-based applications through the new AWS data center to reduce latency and other performance issues […] Continue reading

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Lessons learned from the Amazon Web Services outage

On Monday, Amazon Web Services — the leading provider of cloud services — suffered an outage, and as a result, a long list of well-known and popular websites went dark. According to Amazon’s Service Health Dashboard, the outage started out as degraded performance of a small number of Elastic Bloc Store (EBS) storage units in […] Continue reading

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Storm takes down Amazon Web Services, Pinterest and Netflix with it

Why should you load test a cloud application? Easy: To test the failover function of your cloud provider. A few organizations and websites learned this lesson the hard way this weekend when a power outage in Northern Virginia took down Amazon Web Services’ East Coast hub. Popular sites such as Pinterest and Netflix were among […] Continue reading

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