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New integrations for Microsoft VSTS and Atlassian Bamboo

Having a well-functioning Continuous Delivery approach is getting more and more important for software teams and business stake holders alike. By load testing every deploy that you and your team make you can make sure that it is holding up to your performance standards.

Apica Loadtest Portal already provide integrations with some of the most popular Continuous Delivery services such as Team City, AWS CodePipeline and Jenkins. And now we expand our integration options even more.

We are happy to announce that the Loadtest Portal now has integrations with the leading Continuous Delivery services Microsoft VSTS and Atlassian Bamboo.

This means that as a user of Microsoft VSTS or Atlassian Bamboo you will have access to automated load testing as a part of the deploy procedure.


Both services work in a very similar way to our existing integrations – you can easily and quickly set up Apica LoadTest as a building step in your deployment process. This effectively means that every time you deploy a load test will run with a specified number of users (10 000+ users is possible) and a set duration. After the completed test you are presented with detailed data and statistics for you to review.

For more information about setting up these integrations please head to our Knowledge Base:

Atlassian Bamboo

Microsoft VSTS

Both plugins are also hosted at their respective marketplaces:

Atlassian Bamboo

Microsoft VSTS

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