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Case Study: The Broad Museum

LA’s new Broad Museum (pronounced brode) is a work of art in itself. Housed in a new $140m three-story building, it hosts over 2,000 works from Eli and Edyth Broad’s unrivaled contemporary art collection. The museum is home to art giants Jerry Koons, Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol and many other iconic artists. No surprise that it immediately became the heart of LA’s art scene and the hottest ticket in town.

As popularity increased, so did ticket reservations. The Broad saw spikes of 10K reservations in one day, but their cloud infrastructure couldn’t scale quickly. Their internal team spent 100’s of hours troubleshooting and manually reserving tickets for visitors. Want to know how they resolved these issues? Watch this video to see how Apica helped the Broad.


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