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How Reliable Is Your Cloud?

Businesses that depend on cloud services live or die by the stability and availability of those platforms. Reliable cloud services are an essential part of employee workflow and sales cycles for businesses across the globe—and any downtime is a waste of money on both idle workers and missed sales opportunities. A stable cloud service is […] Continue reading

The New ZebraTester Community Goes Live

We’re excited to announce a new online ZebraTester Community available to all but focused on ZebraTester user needs and interests. Apica’s Daniel Freij is dedicated to fostering and facilitating communication among participating ZebraTester users. It’s easy to sign up at Site topics currently fall into seven areas: News – hear the latest product updates […] Continue reading

Configuring and Adjusting Google Protocol Buffer Load Tests

Web and cloud applications need more than just good programming to run: The server infrastructure needs to have enough resources to handle the requests of every concurrent user. Inadequate infrastructure can lead to sluggish performance—or even total failure, if too many users push data at the same time. Load testing is a process that involves […] Continue reading

Load Testing with Google Protocol Buffer (protobuf) Messages

The ZebraTester program is filled with useful load test management tools for Google Protocol Buffer, or protobuf, messages. The mechanism not only helps streamline the load testing process, but also provides insight into the results that can be used to help improve the platform, troubleshoot errors, and identify inefficiencies. About Protocol Buffers Protobuf is a […] Continue reading

Performance Testing IoT: A New Challenge in Testing

Performance Testing Tools are an Essential Component of Testing in the IoT Age Internet of Things devices are exploding in use, creating new business opportunities and putting a smarter spin on old solutions. These new devices don’t always fit into the conventional use-case mold software developers are accustomed to working with: they present a range […] Continue reading

A Brief Look at Running Successful Load Tests

Load testing analyzes the behavior, performance, reliability, and capacity of a software implementation on specific hardware. Businesses use load tests to determine the maximum workload their software implementations can handle, as well as how the platform holds up under pressure. Together, this process helps to identify issues such as the need for more powerful hardware […] Continue reading

Finding Balance: The Importance of Agile Performance Testing in the Development Process

It’s easy for a business to fall into the trap of focusing so intensely on content and capabilities for their applications that they neglect one of the areas that’s most important to the audience: performance. Apica and Gigaom’s white paper “Performance Testing: Balancing Agility and Quality” stresses how businesses need to make application performance a […] Continue reading

The Basics of App Testing

Application testing is a vital part of the development process. Releasing a product that does not function correctly means missed business opportunities and potential extra costs for your company. It’s important to establish the optimal amount of testing to deliver application updates in a reasonable amount of time. If you spend too much time testing […] Continue reading

2015 in Review

Apica experienced a substantial growth period in 2015. As the online industry moved toward a wider embrace of cloud services and server-hosted applications, Apica improved the company’s already impressive toolset to equip clients with technology that addresses both increasing data demands and evolution in the consumption of online content. It’s essential for the modern online […] Continue reading