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5 Ways to Speed Up Your eCommerce Site

A fast-loading, reliable website is essential for a successful eCommerce website. Even if your company’s site is running smoothly, any ground lost in performance can cost business. It’s widely cited that pages need to load in two seconds or less to avoid losing visitors. According to an Aberdeen Group study, a single second of page […] Continue reading

How Does Automated Testing Aid Continuous Delivery?

Automated testing aids in the continuous delivery process by establishing a support mechanism that makes providing a stream of constant updates practical. Automated testing is often the element that makes a continuous delivery possible. Today’s business tech environment necessitates responsive improvements and software fixes because the demands placed on that software are always changing. Continuous […] Continue reading

The Holidays Are Coming. Is Your Site Ready?

The holiday season can lead to either a traffic spike or slump depending on the type of website your business operates. Regardless of website traffic being in a feast or famine state, this is the most important time of the year to assess the workload your infrastructure can handle. A site that’s ready for a […] Continue reading

Understanding Your Infrastructure’s Usage and Load Characteristics

Usage and load characteristics are gauges for interpreting how much work an online platform performs, and how well it performs under stress. Understanding how your infrastructure performs isn’t as simple as assessing your car’s odometer to measure distance traveled, or its speedometer to measure the maximum speed. Usage and load characteristics provide insight into the […] Continue reading

Components for Testing Software Quality

Testing software quality is an essential part of the development process that includes work before and after the software’s release. Software quality testing is like a more robust form of software debugging—where the development team is concerned with how well the program works as opposed to whether it works. The process not only examines end […] Continue reading

Understanding Security and Dependability for SOAP and REST

Overview on APIs Application Programming Interfaces are a vital part of what makes business communication operate efficiently and securely in an online environment. APIs establish guidelines for software communication and operation. Without APIs, software would use wildly different methods to accomplish the same goals, requiring programmers to learn a whole new set of rules for […] Continue reading

5 Ways to Better Identify and Eliminate Application Failure Points

Failure points—places in an application’s infrastructure, network or API where errors typically occur—can be the downfall of good code. Whether your team is plagued by common failure points or you’re working out complicated bugs, these points can be frustrating, time-consuming, and even expensive if extensive downtime is incurred. Here are five ways to identify and eliminate […] Continue reading

Safe & Sound: How Performance Testing Promotes Security

Around the world, more and more companies and government organizations are reporting massive data breaches. These breaches don’t just cost them a significant amount of money—they can also jeopardize the hard-earned trust of their customers and employees. With this in mind, businesses of all sizes are tuned into the importance of data security. When traditional […] Continue reading

Apica Integrates with AWS CodePipeline, the Continuous Delivery and Release Automation Service from Amazon Web Services (AWS), to Offer AWS CodePipeline Users a Built-In, Automated Testing Solution

  We are excited to announce that AWS CodePipeline users will now be able to take full advantage of Apica LoadTest’s powerful automated testing capabilities from within the AWS CodePipeline dashboard! AWS CodePipeline automates the application build, test, and release process, allowing for fast and reliable application updates. With Apica on AWS CodePipeline, developers can […] Continue reading