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Onward and Upward: Scaling Your Website into the Future


Scaling Your Website into the Future   Whether you’re a budding company or you’ve just launched a new website, chances are you’ll start experiencing steady increases in site traffic as you expand your business. You may be equipped for a few dozen customers now, but what happens when you reach thousands or (ideally) hundreds of [...] Continue reading

5 Trends for Testing in the Era of Big Data

big data

In the last decade, data has virtually exploded (pardon the pun), sending shock waves through the entire tech industry. Big Data applications have arrived at the scene on a kind of rescue mission—a way to capture, store, search, and analyze the data blowup many e-businesses are experiencing. According to Gartner, Big Data’s defining characteristics are [...] Continue reading

Testing Cloud with Cloud: Performance Testing Cloud-Based Applications

cloud performance testing

Cloud Applications Require Cloud-Based Performance Testing Cloud computing provides “computing” as a utility, transforming IT services. Both the software and hardware landscape have changed in a big way — and will continue to change — based on the requirements of Cloud infrastructure and its increasing popularity. Cloud computing can offer more agility for both software [...] Continue reading

Apica Newsletter: January 2014

Apica stats

  2014 was an exciting year at Apica, but it couldn’t have been possible without our clients’ continued support. Thank you! Let’s take a look back at some of the achievements we accomplished together in the past year.   Infographic: 2014 Apica Stats     Important Feature Updates from the Past Year   Apica LoadTest TeamCity Plugin The [...] Continue reading

Integrating Web Performance Monitoring (WPM) and Application Performance Monitoring (APM) – a Better Web Performance Solution


Web Performance and Application Performance Monitoring: Two Solutions, One Common Goal In the simplest terms, Web Performance Monitoring (WPM) is an external process for monitoring web applications, while Application Performance Monitoring (APM) is an internal one. The two services can be used independently to monitor the performance of external or internal application components, but integrating [...] Continue reading

Monitor Website Uptime and Daily Performance with a Synthetic Monitoring Service

apica synthetic monitoring

If You’re Not Monitoring, You Probably Should Be On most well-built websites — yours, hopefully, included — traffic will increase over time. It would logically follow, then, that monitoring your website’s performance is paramount — and only grows in importance the longer you’re in business. When you factor in the matter of customer experience, which [...] Continue reading

The 2015 Web Performance Planning Checklist

performance checklist

Web Performance is more important than ever before. Here are some tips and tricks to help get your site on the right track in 2015!   As we dive headlong into Q1, I know we’re all busy setting growth strategy and planning for 2015. Sales, Marketing, Dev, Operations – every department has goals and deliverables [...] Continue reading

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