AppDynamics and Apica LoadTest Portal Integration

Apica and AppDynamics: Integration Built for Performance

Apica helps companies identify bottlenecks and troubleshoot potential problems using our highly-customizable load testing product. Customers can run their own self-service load tests on our SaaS platform, or have Apica's performance engineers customize and execute a plan for any project size.

Apica LoadTest has an APM integration with AppDynamics. The integration can be configured in the Apica LoadTest Portal and the APM vendors allows customers to view collected data together with the results of a load test inside the Apica LoadTest Portal. A plugin from Apica allows customers to tag requests and optionally trigger snapshots inside of AppDynamics. The plugin can be downloaded from here

The Apica Difference:

Unlimited Scale

— From one to over 2 million concurrent users

Robust Mobile Support

— Stress test your mobile application or website

Full Service

— Let our performance engineers customize and manage your testing

Industry Leading Global Network

— 50+ data center locations in North & South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia

Cloud Ready

— Test your cloud. Partners include Amazon, Microsoft, Rackspace, Right Scale, and many more

APM Integrations

— Collect data together with the results of a load test inside the Apica LoadTest Portal
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