Apica RUM

Real User Monitoring

Apica's Enterprise-leading synthetic monitoring platform provides Real User Monitoring

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Monitor End-user Experience in Real Time

Passive Monitoring Service from Apica

Troubleshoot performance problems and ensure high quality with Real User Monitoring from Apica.

Monitor how your actual users interact with your website or application to determine that users are being served quickly and without errors.

Apica RUM gives you a powerful, real user monitoring service to analyze every user of you website and application. See your visitors experience in real time and quickly pinpoint performance problems.

apica synthetic website monitoring


Real user monitoring + Synthetic monitoring

Synthetic Performance Monitoring is a monitoring process initiated proactively by external agents that are meant to imitate actual end users and web traffic.

Real User Monitoring is measured while the actual users are visiting and interacting with the web application. This is a passive approach in which the initiation is done by the actual users and providing insight into the web application traffic.

Combine synthetic monitoring and real user monitoring to achieve the best insight — both can coexist in the same web application environment. As requirements vary from one business to another, and from one application to another, the best approach may be mixed.