Configure and Run Load Tests from a Local Machine or Apica's Cloud Service

install zebratester

1. Install and Initiate ZebraTester

With this open-source Firefox plugin, you can easily record, edit, and save your own scripts.

Record a click sequence on the site you wish to test in order to simulate real user behavior, such as making a purchase, booking a flight, logging in to a website portal, etc. Play back and edit the sequence before saving it.

Existing scripts can be uploaded and run as multiple users/load tests from the Apica LoadTest portal.

This short video will guide you through the installation and do basic setup to help you get started with Apica ZebraTester.

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2. Create a Script and Generate Load

This short video will show you how to create a script, and setup and initiate a small load test using Apica ZebraTester.

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create generate scripts
zebratester script tool

3. Create a Script and Generate a Test

This short video will guide you through how to create your own load test clusters using the local load generator agent configurations.

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4. Using the Load Test Portal

Learn to create your own load test agents using Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2).

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tool and portal

Download ZebraTester Documentation

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Installation and Configuration Guide February 1, 2017
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User's Guide Nov 14, 2016
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Advanced Documentation  5.5- A English Last Revised
Application Reference Manual Nov 17, 2016
GitHub Integration Manual March 8, 2016
PrxBasic Language Reference Manual March 8, 2016
Recording HTTP/S Traffic from any iPhone and iPad by using "Pure Cloud" July 16, 2015
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PDF Report Templates Handbook July 16, 2015
Using PKCS#11 Security Devices July 16, 2015
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Converting JMeter Tests to Apica ZebraTester July 15, 2015
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