API Monitoring

Ensure API quality with Apica WebPerformance

An API Monitoring Service Should Do More than Just Let You Know When You're Down

Monitor all of your API calls from one platform, over 200+ locations and stay ahead of API issues before costumers are affected.

Apica Sythetic Monitoring enables you to monitor your internal, partner or public APIs, effortlessly for both REST and SOAP APIs for availability, performance and ensure high quality. Correlate response time data for API monitoring with synthetic browser monitoring for deep visibility into website and applications performance.

monitoring api calls

API Monitoring Features

  • Monitor API 24/7
  • Monitor from over 200+ locations world wide or inside your firewall
  • Error Page Screen Shots provide context
  • HTML5 GUI, dashboards, reports and alerts
  • API access to directly embed check results
  • Ipv6 and ipv4
  • Reuse existing or create scripts in ProxySniffer
  • Correlate API and application performance
  • Results correlated with monitoring and analytics service partner tools
  • Inside agent option for in-depth visibility

Stay Ahead of the Game

  • Establish consistent, objective metrics and benchmarks
  • Rationalize new feature requests in terms of performance risk and alternative approaches
  • Go beyond functional testing using battle-hardened production testing techniques
  • Resolve issues quickly, as they happen

Advanced scripting

  • Launch or upgrade web, mobile and cloud-based applications without stress
  • Ensure your end-users have the best possible experience on your site
  • Continuously improve customer experience as applications become richer, more real time, and increasingly reliant upon third-party services

web performance monitoring

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*Monitor up to 5 websites or applications. Full access to Apica Synthetic Monitoring service. Support from Apica professionals. Integrations included. No credit card required.

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Apica Synthetic Monitoring provides integration support for leading APM, Cloud and analytics solutions. Integration provides correlation for faster troubleshooting, consolidated dashboard views and results reporting for improved dev-ops management decision-making.


Full API integration with AppDynamics APM software organizes web application activity into business transactions as the primary unit of performance monitoring and troubleshooting.
monitoring akamai


With full API Integration for CDN Traffic information from Akamai Luna Control, Apica Synthetic Monitoring provides insights into the need for content acceleration using its global monitoring agent network.
monitoring pagerduty


The integration enables Apica’s alerts to automatically trigger incidents within PagerDuty any time your website becomes unavailable.
monitoring analytics

Google Analytics

Integration with Google Analytics provides insight into correlation between actual traffic metrics and on-going performance monitoring checks.
monitoring splunk


Splunk modular input add-on for pulling Apica 'Synthetic Monitoring' checks into Splunk for ease of indexing and analysis. It creates a new, configurable, data input type for Splunk.
monitoring op5


Together with Op5, we have combined internal resource monitoring with customer perspective monitoring into one complete solution for IT professionals.