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Apica and Akamai: Partnership Built for Performance

When your business and good name depend upon peak performance, downtime is never an option.

Apica and Akamai have teamed up to offer a comprehensive web performance management solution. The integrated platform delivers an in-depth, end-to-end view of application performance 24x7, providing unmatched insight into the user journey, response time lags, caching elements, and global traffic trends.

Current Akamai customers can more effectively optimize CDN strategy by monitoring website uptime and latency in real-time alongside Akamai traffic. Stay on top of everyday performance concerns with ease, and resolve problems before they affect your business and end users.

The Apica Difference:

Real-Browser Monitoring

— Monitor your site from from Chrome, Firefox, or IE for powerful, user-centric insight

Robust Mobile Support

— Actionable insight on mobile sites and applications

Full API

— Correlate data from Akamai Luna Control inside the Apica WebPerformance Portal. View all your metrics in one place.

Industry-leading Global Network

— Monitor from 190+ locations in over 75 countries

Detailed Reporting

— Intuitive reports, real-time data, and performance recommendations

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