Cloud-based load testing for

web and mobile applications
Find your maximum capacity
Identify bottlenecks

Load Testing by Apica – A suite of Load Test Tools

Test like a pro with the most powerful SaaS platform, tools and expertise available anywhere. Load test cloud, mobile and enterprise applications with precise user simulation, unlimited scale, detailed results and expert tuning advice. Find and remove performance bottlenecks with Apicas LoadTest suite so the real website load test question becomes not only how many users you can handle, but why, and what can you do about it?

That’s where Apica comes in. We create and control the web load – and you learn.

Load Test Self Service

Do it yourself-testing

Easy to use Portal

Apica Script support

Capacity on demand

Load Test Full Service Project

Apica script team

Apica preminum network

Apica full reports on capacity planning


ProxySniffer Test Tool

Test tool

Advances scripting

Any device

Scale in to the cloud

Cloud Migration Testing

Application’s cloud scalability

Identify bottlenecks

Validate redundancy and failover



know your web load capacity

Know your Web Load capacity

Apica LoadTest lets you find out how many users you can handle without malfunction, and if your web platform is aligned with your business objectives.

cloud load test generators

Real world testing using the cloud

An Apica website load test is designed to mimic your operational conditions as closely as possible. Our test agents are deployed outside your hosting site, around the world, and in the cloud. Read more

performance tested

Performance testing expertise at your service

When Apica is engaged in a load test project, we supply much more than an on-off website load test. We use our years of performance testing expertise to help our clients set up, run, and learn from performance tests. Read more