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Maximizing Application Performance in the Cloud

Cloud technology leaders Rackspace and Apica have been providing customers with high-end technology and service for years.With well over a decade in hosting, Rackspace has the solution for any customers looking to host applications in the cloud. Combining their top-tier technology solutions with their Fanatical Support® service, Rackspace delivers unparalleled enterprise-level hosting services for businesses of all sizes around the world.



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It’s no wonder the Rackspace name is synonymous with high quality hosting solutions.Likewise, Apica’s mix of cutting-edge technology and unbeatable end-to-end service has positioned them as an undisputed leader in the load testing and web performance management space. So their strategic partnership with Rackspace’s “CoolTools” program allows customers to leverage their collective best-in-class cloud solutions.

Once customers make the evolution to the cloud, it’s more important than ever to employ thorough testing and monitoring to ensure maximum success.  With Apica, the process of maximizing cloud application performance begins with the robust WebExcellence™ Suite of tools.  This portfolio of cutting-edge cloud-based server solutions provides the critical load testing and web performance management tools Rackspace’s customers require.  Utilizing the LoadTest® technology, the Apica service team helps customers establish important baseline performance metrics, as well as maximize server throughput.  These testing metrics build the strong foundation for optimal future performance.  With these performance benchmarks, Apica’s WebPerformance® technology can continually monitor and maintain the customer’s optimal application performance.

The real win for customers comes from the combination of innovative technology with the access to unmatched expertise and thorough service that Apica provides.  Apica’s hands-on client team engages deeply with every customer to develop a thorough understanding of their application and business needs.  In doing so, Apica’s service experts craft the optimal, custom strategy for maximizing application performance – never too much, never too little.  This partnership allows Apica’s customers to leverage the expertise developed from years of testing experience and literally hundreds of millions of web checks.  The result is access to all the vital tips & tricks necessary to guarantee Rackspace customers get the most out of their application’s infrastructure.  And to top it off, Apica’s simple and straightforward menu pricing structure eliminates the confusion found with traditional credit-based pricing models.  This white-glove service approach combined with unparalleled expertise and best-in-class technology sets Apica apart from the competition – and guarantees the best performance for customers’ applications.

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Getting the Most from Amazon Web Services with Apica

As the world’s largest cloud-based web service provider, Amazon Web Services empowers customers with a flexible, cost-effective and innovative solution for hosting their applications in the cloud. Eliminating large & expensive on-location server racks allows customers to focus efforts and office space on more business-critical needs. And to ensure AWS customers’ web applications perform optimally once in the cloud, Amazon has partnered with industry leader Apica.



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Apica, the leader in server load testing and web performance management, provides AWS customers the critical performance support management services necessary to truly maximize their application in the cloud. Partnering with Apica connects customers to the WebExcellence™ Suite of cloud-based server solutions, a true end-to-end web performance solution.

Starting with Apica LoadTest™, important baseline performance metrics are established and server throughput is maximized. In turn, this provides AWS customers with vital benchmarks for Apica’s WebPerformance™ tool to continually monitor and maintain optimal application performance.

More than just cutting-edge technology, the real win for AWS customers comes from combining these comprehensive toolsets with Apica’s unmatched expertise in web performance optimization. Not the “200-page user-manual” type of expertise – rather, “a dedicated team of white-glove gurus helping you every step of the way” type of expertise. The strategic partnership between Amazon and Apica allows AWS customers to leverage years of Apica’s hands-on app performance management and literally millions upon millions of web checks. The result is a best-in-class service team with the tips & tricks necessary to guarantee AWS customers get the most out of their application’s infrastructure.

To top it all off, Apica’s straightforward price structure and full-service support team model eliminates confusion while ensuring the entire job is done correctly and completely. Simply put: accessing Apica’s team of hands-on experts ensures AWS customers get the most from taking their applications to the cloud.


Worry-Free Application Scalability in the Cloud

As industry leaders in the cloud space, Apica & RightScale have delivered game-changing cloud computing solutions for years.  And now, their recent strategic partnership leverages their collective best-in-class offerings, delivering an end-to-end solution for any customer looking to manage and scale their cloud applications.



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By partnering with a number of cloud storage providers, RightScale makes building and managing apps in the cloud easier and more efficient.  Their “elastic” cloud management platform technology automatically scales server resources to meet increases in server demand, while their template-based platform allows a single change to be migrated across multiple cloud servers.  Simply put, RightScale empowers customers to easily scale their apps and handle traffic spikes.With this newfound growth potential, it’s more important than ever for companies to test & monitor their applications to ensure maximum success.  Apica WebExcellence Suite of cloud-based server solutions provides the critical load testing and web performance management tools RightScale’s customers require.  More than just a cutting-edge technology, customers gain access to Apica’s best-in-class service team.  The dedicated client team engages deeply with each customer to develop a thorough understanding of their application and business needs.  Using the Apica LoadTest technology, important baseline performance metrics are established  and server throughput is maximized to optimize an application’s overall web performance.  In turn, the Apica LoadTest results set the vital benchmarks for Apica’s WebPerformance tool to continually monitor and maintain the customer’s optimal application performance.  Combining this pair of powerful tools with Apica’s additional services provide customers with the peace of mind in knowing their application is protected & running smoothly.  What’s more, Apica’s straightforward price structure and full-service support team model eliminates confusion while ensuring the entire job is done correctly and completely.  Simply put: accessing Apica’s team of hands-on experts ensures great efficiency and a positive experience for customers.

The Apica & RightScale partnership benefits everyone. Apica’s WebExcellence toolset provides RightScale with the critical load testing and web performance monitoring tools RightScale’s customers need.  Alternately, RightScale’s steady stream of customers provides Apica with constant data and information to continually optimize performance and gather important learnings.  Most importantly, customers can now enjoy an end-to-end service solution from two industry leaders which supports seamless application scaling and, ultimately, improves performance.



Windows Azure is an open and flexible cloud platform that enables you to quickly build, deploy and manage applications across a global network of Microsoft-managed datacenters. You can build applications using any language, tool or framework. And you can integrate your public cloud applications with your existing IT environment. Azure supports a deployment model that enables you to upgrade your application without downtime.



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Together with Microsoft Apica provides planning, monitoring and troubleshooting of applications that runs on the Azure platform, both from the inside and the outside. When testing cloud applications, it’s important to provide real user loads from outside your Cloud vendor , i.e Amazon,  RackSpace etc . Because it’s never a good idea to only test from the same cloud provider or availability zone,  due to that you miss latency , load balancers etc  that will show real user problems. Apica has loadtest and monitoring servers in all major clouds and locations around the world.

Ensure Cloud Performance and Scalability

Test the performance of your application running on Azure. Can your application leverage the horizontal scaling that Azure provides? Is your Azure application without bottlenecks ? Answer these questions with Apica Insite and its AppDynamics integration that enables you to analyze performance of your critical business transactions, all the way down to your code and database level. With Apica LoadTest the application can be stressed to provide insights into behavior under normal and heavy load.

Monitor your cloud based applications

Apica WebPerformance verifies the uptime and performance of your cloud applications from the “end user” perspective. Use Selenium scripting and measure booking flow, login functions, eCommerce transactions etc. You will monitor the very experience your users have and you´ll be able to get alarms, alerts and reports on the uptime and response times.

Key Benefits

  • Test the scalability of your Azure application with Apica LoadTest
  • Monitor SLAs and end-user browser response times with Apica WebPerformance and be notified when resource usage go to extreme heights
  • Application Performance Management with Apica Insite



Apica has joined the HP Cloud partner ecosystem, providing HP Cloud Services customers with the ability to optimize web and mobile applications launched in the HP public cloud.

The addition of Apica’s suite of tools for HP Cloud Services provides customers with performance monitoring and load testing support.  Apica helps professionals basing their company’s infrastructure in the HP public cloud with the ability to analyze end-user behavior and identify the root cause of performance issues, drastically improving stability and response time.




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HP Cloud Services is now available in Apica’s world-wide monitoring and load testing network, enabling customers to evaluate the performance of their applications in this environment. HP Cloud Services offerings include HP Cloud ComputeHP Cloud Object Storage, and HP Cloud Content Delivery Network.

Apica helps with the ability to test cloud applications for maximum capacity, daily performance, improved load times, and protection from peak load.

What Apica brings to the partnership:

The ability to provide value to HP Cloud Services Customers direct insight into the performance and scalability of their web and mobile applications.  Apica wants to become the trusted advisor in cloud performance and optimization on the HP Cloud Services platform.

In the next phase, Apica is looking to provide integration within HP’s Console as well as work directly with HP’s partner channel for HP Cloud Services

Key benefits:

  • HP Cloud Services Performance Expertise from Apica
  • Capacity planning and application stress testing for cloud migration into HP Cloud
  • Monitoring uptime and performance of HP Cloud applications
  • Extending Apica’s insight and performance capabilities
    • Enabling the ability for Apica to provide alternative cloud locations and Millions of more user capacity
    • Enhancing the number of locations Apica can monitor from

Google Compute Engine

Run your large-scale computing workloads on Linux virtual machines hosted on Google’s infrastructure.

Use world class data centers that provide unparalleled performance for your computing needs. Easily scale to tens of thousands of cores on infrastructure designed for large-scale computing.

google cloud